ChefauChef takes pride in being able to cater for people with food allergies and dietary restrictions. Everyone needs to be able to enjoy the evening and feel safe and confident in their meal.  Please, if you or one of your guests have an allergy, please let one of our Chefs know and we will be more than happy to meet your needs.

Our demands and menu might be described as difficult. We wanted locally-sourced, organically-raised ingredients to create a menu that would fit the requirements of a wide array of different food types: vegetarian, gluten-free, and meat options. Aaron took the time to get to know us beforehand and to use his excitement about food to embrace our ideas to create the perfect menu.
— Chanté and James Earthwell
Chamberlain credits Tigers strength and conditioning coordinator Javair Gillett and his own personal chef, Aaron Young, for helping him lose 15-20 pounds this offseason. “Aaron is my best-kept secret,” Chamberlain said.
Fox Sports interview with Joba Chamberlain
February 4th, 2014