Week of Sept 30th- Oct 4th

Monday: Lunch- Sloppy Joe and bag of chips. Dinner- BBQ Chicken, wild rice, and corn bread

Tuesday; Lunch- French Dips and pasta salad. Dinner- Meatloaf with house made sauce and potato.

Wednesday: Lunch- Sliced Ham and scallop potatoes. Dinner- Beef Lasagna and garlic bread

Thursday: Lunch- Ham and Cheese Hoagie with chips. Dinner- Chicken Parm and pasta, fresh fruit.

Friday: Lunch- Alfredo Chicken Bacon Pizzas

Week of Oct 7th-11th

Monday: Lunch- Beef Nachos with toppings galore. Dinner- Chicken Cordon Bleus, mashed potatoes, house salad with Dressings

Tuesday; Lunch- Burger Bar with fresh fruit Dinner- Pesto Alfredo chicken Bake with garlic bread.

Wednesday: Lunch- Pineapple Pico, rice, veggies. Dinner- Pull Pork with BBQ sauce and pretzle bun, coleslaw, fruit

Thursday: Lunch- Chicken Nuggets and Mac and Cheese. Dinner- Lemon Pepper Chicken Cheesy Rice

Friday: Lunch- Breakfast Burritos and a muffin

Week of Oct 14-18

Monday: Lunch- Chili Dogs, Dinner- Sliced beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, Roll. Salad

Tuesday; Lunch- turkey, stuffing, carrot and ranch dip Dinner- Sweet sour chicken, steamed rice, crab ragoon

Wednesday: Lunch- pesto chicken pasta bake garlic bread Dinner- Meatballs with a bleu cheese sauce, mash/rice.

Thursday: Lunch- Pepperoni pizzas. Dinner- Chicken Enchiladas

Friday: Lunch- Sloppy Joes and Lays chips

Week of Oct 21-25

Monday: Lunch- NO UNL- Fall Break

Tuesday; Lunch- NO UNL- Fall Break

Wednesday: Lunch- meatball subs, hash cash Dinner- Pork Chops, sweet pot mash, salad, fresh fruit

Thursday: Lunch- Chicken fingers and mac and cheese. Dinner- pork chop, sweet potato mash

Friday: Lunch- French toast, scrambled cheesy eggs, and sausage links.

Week of Oct 28- Nov 1

Monday: Lunch- Mexican Mac and Cheese with fresh fruit. Dinner- Pork Loin, cheesy rice, and salad

Tuesday; Lunch- Tuna Melt, chips, pasta salad. Dinner- Jerk chicken, scallop potatoes, and corn bread.

Wednesday: Lunch- Beef and Cheese Hoagies and chips. Dinner- Beef tips, roasted reds, cali blend

Thursday: Lunch- Brats, beans, and pasta salad. Dinner- Spinach Artichoke Chicken and Mash

Friday: Lunch- meatball subs with sun chips.

Week of Nov 4th- Nov 8th

Monday: Lunch- Beef Nachos with all da toppins. Dinner- Chicken cordon Bleu, hash cash, and salad

Tuesday; Lunch- Pull Pork sando with corn on the cob. Dinner- Italian Pizza Pasta Bake with Caesar Salad

Wednesday: Lunch- Taco Bar. Dinner- Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic bread.

Thursday: Lunch- Dinner- Lemon Basil Chicken with hash cash.

Friday: Lunch- Biscuits and Gravy with ham and cheese casserole.

Week of

Monday: Lunch- Dinner-

Tuesday; Lunch- Dinner-

Wednesday: Lunch- Dinner-

Thursday: Lunch- Dinner-

Friday: Lunch-