Week of April 15- April 19th

Monday: Lunch- Taco Bar. Dinner- Ham, Hash Cash, roasted veggies.

Tuesday; Lunch- Pork, Black bean, rice burrito. Dinner- Herb crusted chicken, roasted reds, Cali Blend.

Wednesday: Lunch- Gyro bar with Greek potatoes and toppings .Dinner- Pulled Pork Sandwiches, slaw, melon, mac and cheese.

Thursday: Lunch- buffalo chicken tender wraps with chips. Dinner- Meatballs in a bleu cheese cream sauce on brown rice with broccoli.

Friday: Lunch- Cheese Lasagna, garlic stick, small salad.

Week of April 22- April 26th

Monday: Lunch-. Chicken Nuggets and potato salad. Dinner- Roast Beef, hash cash, veg medley.

Tuesday; Lunch-.Meatloaf and mashed. Dinner- Loaded baked potato with cream corn, mash, pulled pork, bbq sauce, cheese.

Wednesday: Lunch- Pepperoni Pizzas, fresh fruit .Dinner- Sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, crab ragoon.

Thursday: Lunch- Club Sandwich with cheese puffs. Dinner- Shredded Chicken tacos with toppings and sides.

Friday: Lunch- Breakfast burritos with fresh fruit

Week of April 29- May 3rd (finals week for UNL)

Monday: Lunch- .Beef Enchiladas with chips and salsa. Dinner- Chicken Cordon Bleus with reds, and roasted veg.

Tuesday; Lunch-.Turkey Bacon potato casserole with roll. Dinner- Meatloaf, mash, Cali Blend

Wednesday: Lunch- Spicy Chicken Sandwich with toppings and kettle chips. Dinner- HOBO Beef casserole with roll and butter.

Thursday: Lunch- Chicken Salad Hoagie and pasta salad. Dinner- Smoked Pork Loin, red, green beans.

Friday: Lunch- Alfredo chicken bacon pizzas with salad

Week of May 6th- May 10th (Finals Week for NWU)

Monday: Lunch-. Dinner-

Tuesday; Lunch- Hot Beef Sandwich. Dinner-Cajun Salmon, brown rice, garlic green beans.

Wednesday: Lunch- Philly Sandwich and chips. Dinner- Chick Fired Steak with gravy, roasted reds, and corn.

Thursday: Lunch- Chef choice Dinner-

Friday: Lunch- No Meal

Happy end of the school year! Congratulation to those graduating.

Those of you coming back, see you again in the Fall! Have a great Summer Break!

Thank you for your business!

ChefauChef Team