ChefauChef Catering has multiple specialties including food service programs for Greek houses, business lunches, and client events. "First and Foremost" applies to each food service providing a unique contract to meet their individual needs.  ChefauChef facilitates many needs including any site with an in-house kitchen.  A few examples of this would be office buildings and single work place environments.  Also offered are catered-in meal service plans, for locations without on-site resources.

  • Made to order Breakfast or  Breakfast Buffet
  • Continental Style Breakfast
  • Hot Lunch with or without Salad Bar
  • Hot Dinner with or without Salad Bar
  • Snack (during the week and/or weekends)
  • Catered events that the house hosts
  • Ordering supplies and chemicals at cost for the house


Why go with ChefauChef for your food service?

Plain and simple, because ChefauChef cares about your food and your members.  Each house is assigned a personal chef, and other personnel as needed to meet your needs. It is a high priority to us that your organization has the best chef for your facility.  Therefore the chef interview process finalizes with an on-site interview with client participation.  ChefauChef designs personalized menus for each location and everything is made fresh in house.  We encourage client feedback so that any changes you would like made to the menu can be addressed in a timely, efficient manner.    

We take care of the details, so you don't have to.  Your house chef is employed by ChefauChef LLC.  Therefore, ChefauChef takes care of payroll, taxes, insurance, and worker's comp.  If your chef is sick, no headache to you, we provide the replacement.  If you'd like to see changes made, we'll figure out how to make it happen.   

Ultimate Question: Cost?

ChefauChef prides ourselves on affordability.  The average range for service lies between $9.50 and $13 per person/day, with additional charges discussed with you prior to contract finalization.  Our collegiate clients only pay for days when class is in session.

For example:

18 Billable days in Month X 50 eating members x $10 per member/day = $9,000 
Additional Charges: $300 for cleaning chemicals for house + $300 paper products for house + $150 for supplies for house/kitchen
TOTAL FOR MONTH: $9,750.00


If you have questions, or are interested in a free quote please contact Chef Aaron at